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Starting a New Crew

Starting a Venture Crew

So you have just learned about the co-ed Scouting program for young men and women and you’re ready to try to organize a Venture Crew. You may even have a specific group of young people in mind already. It could be you know of a group who want to go out hiking, or biking or maybe even work on a special skill. So where do you start?

Well, you have landed in the right place, and we are going to help get you on your way. First, you should head over to our crew map, and check if there are any Crews already in place that are local to you.

The Boy Scouts of America way of starting a Crew is shown in bold below.

Your chartered organization makes a commitment with the Boy Scouts of America to charter a Venture Crew. 

A committee is organized to recruit Advisors and Committee members. 

The new Committee members get trained. 

Program capability inventory is completed.  At the kick-off have the youth members fill out some surveys about what they were interested in doing. And have all adults present fill out surveys about their talents and interests.

Invite new members to join. Send out flyers and encouraged kids to come to the kick-off meeting.

Crew officers are elected and trained. 

So are you ready to start a Venture Crew? It really is a fun way to bring the values of Scouting to a whole new group of young adults.