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Venturing Officers Leadership Concerns

Leadership involves guiding a group of people or an organization to accomplish specific tasks. Leadership involves communicating and sharing a clear vision with others that inspires the members of the team to invest time and talent in meeting the team’s goals.

When a Venturing Officers Association struggles, it is helpful to consider challenges in the leadership of the team. Some possible areas of concern include the below… choose an article below to expand upon the subject.

  • One or more members of the VOA’s leadership are not prepared to carry out the responsibilities of the position.
  • Interests of participants are not considered.
  • Communication skills are ineffective.
  • Planning and preparation are inadequate.
  • Courage to try new activities is lacking.
  • There is a lack of investment in growing other leaders.
  • Some of the VOA leadership may have “hidden agendas.”
  • The culture of the VOA leadership is unhealthy*.

(*) Adapted from “Six Leadership Failures that Put Your Company at Risk.” Retrieved on November 29, 2015

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