Lead the Adventure!

ALPS Method

In Venturing, the program areas of emphasis are on Adventure, Leadership, Personal Growth and Service – better know to us Venturers as A-L-P-S. It the the model that we use to make the most of our adventure experiences while preparing for our future. The method we use transfers to all areas of our lives including college, career and general everyday living.

The Boy Scouts of America defines the ALPS method as follows:

Adventure is the key to Venturing, and developing outings with a sense of adventure is the key to the crew having fun and learning something new about themselves. As a Venturer, not only will you participate in outings and adventures, but you will also lead them. As your leadership skills develop, you will become a mentor to other Venturers as they take on the role of leading an adventure or activity. What the adventure looks like is up to you and the crew.

Leadership is the tool you will use as you help the crew plan its adventures. As a Venturer, you will learn to lead the crew through the adventures of their choice. Leadership in Venturing is not just a position— it is an action, captured in the Venturing motto, “Lead the Adventure”. Even as you begin your Venturing experience, you learn leadership skills by observing crew officers and more experienced members of the crew as they lead the adventure.

Personal Growth comes when you learn from your experiences as a Venturer. Conversations with crew members and your Advisor will help you appreciate what you have learned. Personal growth helps you identify and develop your talents and abilities so you can be prepared for life’s challenges and opportunities.

Service is the gift we give to others. It allows us to sustain our communities by identifying needs and targeting them. Venturing’s commitment to community service will allow your crew to develop a program full of opportunities to serve others— and to have fun while doing so!

Venturing Award training

Personal Safety Awareness training
This training addresses personal safety concerns of our nation’s teenagers. The four topics are Suicide Prevention, Internet Safety, Sexual Harassment and Date Rape.

Discovery Award training

First-aid and CPR certifications
First-aid – American Red Cross Standard First Aid or equivalent course.
CPR – American Red Cross – First Aid/CPR/AED or the American Heart Association – Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED or an equivalent course.

ILSC – The purpose of the Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews course is to teach crew members with leadership positions about their new roles and how to most effectively reach success in that role.

Goal-setting and Time-management training
Finding a successful time management strategy depends on a person’s personality, ability to self-motivate and level of self-discipline. This course introduces established methods for improving a Venturer’s ability to effectively manage the events in his or her life in relation to time.

Venturing Crew Officers Orientation

Pathfinder Award training

Project management training
This training will prepare Venturers to identify, plan, and execute projects in an efficient manner, while encouraging personal growth and development.

Experiential training in conflict resolution, communications, group dynamics, cooperation, and ethical controversies:
The ethics forum and ethical controversy activities help your crew discuss issues in an interesting, organized, and active way.

Summit Award training

Mentoring and coaching skills training
Mentoring is a form of leadership and can be performed in a variety of circumstances throughout the Venturing program. This training is designed to help Venturers understand how to mentor other members of the crew and appreciate the role mentoring plays in personal growth and leadership for both the mentee and mentor.

Advanced leadership training
National Youth Leadership Training
Kodiak Challenge
National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience
Order of the Arrow National Leadership Seminar
Sea Scout SEAL Training
Wood Badge (for Venturers 18 or older).

You may also participate in non-BSA leadership training courses such as those delivered by the National Outdoor Leadership School, if approved by your Advisor.