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Cherokee Area Council Venturing Resources

We are steadily compiling an amazing collection of resources here on our website for Crews, Officers and Advisors.

Council Resources

Cherokee Area Council Venturing Officers Association Bylaws

Council VOA Job Specific Duties Sheet

Adult Trainings

Advisor Specific Training Syllabus

Advisor Specific Training Presentation

Crew Committee Challenge Syllabus

Crew Committee Challenge Presentation

Goal Setting & Time Management

Goal Setting & Time Management Syllabus

Goal Setting & Time Management Presentation


ILSC Syllabus

ILSC Presentation

ILSC Certificate

Mentoring Training

Mentoring Syllabus

Mentoring Presentation

Committee Resources

Program Capability Inventory

Crew Resources

Job Specific Duties Sheet

Recommended Venturing Roundtable Combined with the Venturing Officers Association (VOA) Meeting