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Venture Patrols

The purpose of a venturing patrol (Older Scout Patrol) is to keep older youth involved in the scouting program. This goal is accomplished through creation of a venture patrol this venture patrol will have access to events available to youth ages 13-17.


A Venturing patrol has three goals:

  1. Activities for older youth
  2. Provide service back to the troop
  3. Provide service to the communities


  • Be over the age of 14
    • This is the age required to join a venturing crew
    • This also allows the scout to mature and gives them time to participate in troop events
  • Obtain the life rank
    • Obtaining 1st class means you have the basic scout skills. Additional age and rank allows the scout to gain leadership experience and gain maturity before joining the Venture Patrol. By needing Life Rank to be part of the Venture Patrol, this may help motivate scouts to advance in rank.
  • To participate in activities of the VP a youth must attend at least 50% of troop meetings and participate in at least 4 troop events per year.
    • This requirement ensures that the youth stay active and involved in their troop.
  • Maturity
    • The venturing patrol relies very heavily on the youth led principle this means that youth involved will have to have a certain level of maturity to be involved.


To join the venture patrol scouts must meet the requirements listed above. Scouts who wish to join must express interest in joining to the venture patrol leader and the Scoutmaster who will determine if the are eligible to join.

For the first year the scouts will be approved by the Scoutmaster and then hold patrol elections to fill leadership positions.

Scouts may join at anytime throughout the year with approval from the scoutmaster though joining in the middle of the year may not include eligibility to participate in events that have already had a registration deadline pass.


The leadership structure of the venture patrol includes:

  • The venture patrol leader who serves as the youth leadership of the venture patrol and will be elected concurrent with troop elections.
  • An Assistant scoutmaster – Venture who will serve as the adult leader of the venture patrol and must be over the age of 18 and is to be appointed by the scoutmaster.


  • A new patrol will not be formed eligible youth will participate in their normal patrols during troop events and will only be acting as a venture patrol at venture patrol events.
  • The activities of the venture patrol will not interfere with the activities of the troop the venture patrol will instead act as an extra activity for the eligible youth who want to participate.
  • These programs will be run by the youth under the advisement of the venture ASM who is appointed by the Scoutmaster
  • The members of the venture patrol will wear the same uniform as normal with the addition of the venture strip above the right pocket of the uniform.
  • If approved by the scoutmaster the venture patrol may design a shirt to wear on patrol activities.


  • The patrol will plan activities for the upcoming year
  • The patrol will decide what training is required for the event and any scout who does not complete the training required will not be able to participate in the event.
  • Each activity will have a budget, and plan submitted to the Venture ASM for approval.
  • The venture ASM will handle specific planning that can not be done by the youth like making reservations for campgrounds or renting equipment.


  • The venture patrol will meet the first Monday of the month 30 minutes after the end of each meeting.
  • These meetings can be used to discuss plans for upcoming events as well as extra planning times if needed.
  • The venture patrol will be responsible for planning their events and having them be approved by the Scoutmaster in time to be placed on the troop calendar. These events will be marked as venture patrol activity under the activity name.