VOA ZOOM Gathering

VOA ZOOM Gathering

February 13, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
VOA ZOOM Gathering @ ZOOM

Every month, the VOA will host a revolving door ZOOM meeting.  All Venturers and Venturing leaders are invited to attend the monthly meeting of the Venturing Officers’ Association (VOA).

On the 2nd Wednesday monthly, the VOA’s ZOOM will be live and online for Venturers, Advisors, Committee Members, Leaders, Friends… in other words, it is an open book – and all are welcomed to stop by. There will be nothing formal announced for activities prior to the live ZOOM meeting. If you would like to present something or have ideas that you would like to discuss, send an email to pres@cacvoa.org, and it will be discussed for inclusion.

This is a brand new process in a brand new season, and it is time to rebuild the foundation of our VOA – help plan upcoming events, report about activities and discuss how to strengthen Venturing in the Cherokee Area Council.

Please set a reminder to attend.